2012 is the year to learn how …

  • 2012 is the year to learn howto put fear and anxiety behind you and keep possibility and the larger meaning and purpose of your life, in front of you…

    e.e. cummings said it is the privilege of a life time to become who you are.

    Or something pretty close to that.  There was a recent cover on Newsweek that said “Heaven is Real”.  It went onto describe a Neuroscientist’s experience while in a coma.  According to him his journey could not just be attributed to the strange firings of the brain (as he used to believe) because the part of his brain that could do that was out.  He journeyed to another dimension and was met by a feminine guide.  She had a message for him that he in turn is offering to us.

    Her Message:

    You are loved and cherished dearly and forever.

    You have nothing to fear.

    You can do nothing wrong.

    So, today is Halloween or Samhain as it was called in ancient times.  It is said to the be time in the calendar of the year where the veil between the manifest or visible world and the invisible, unseen world is the thinnest.  This is why there are Day of the Dead celebrations at grave sites in Mexico.  It is time to commune with your most dearly departed, because it is said to be the best time for this.

    The moment I read the message in Newsweek I knew I would blog about it.  I am asking myself, my clients and now you the reader ; “What would you do differently if you 100% believed the message given to this doctor?” In another such experience, an Indian woman was dying from a body riddled with cancer that was miraculously cured right at the end of her life.  she was in a coma for 36 hours and she had a near death experience during that time.  She wrote a book “Dying to Be Me”.  (on Amazon) describing what she learned. You can hear her discuss it at length on you tube.

    But the message is similar.  We are here to be ourselves.  Our whole authentic selves.  And these authors don’t say this but I would add, and help others do the same or at least allow, make space for  others to do the same.  So on this ancient holy day, when the gods are able to best hear you, what do you want to tell them that you are ready to begin?  If you truly believe that in the eyes of the Eternal you cannot make a mistake, you have nothing to be afraid of and that you are loved beyond your wildest imagination…how would you lead your life?  What bold action would you take now?  



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