Vote your desires not your fears.

  • What happens if we each tried actually trusting that whatever happens we will all move forward?  What happens if we vote based on our deepest desires not our fears?  That won’t be easy as both campaigns have painted their opponents winning the presidency as a fearful thing.  But because the adds did/do that doesn’t mean you and I have to.  So if you haven’t voted yet, I invite you to get quiet and locate your primary values.  Make a list of your top 5.  Mine looks like this:

    1. Inclusion … no one left our or behind.
    2. Dignity of meaningful worthwhile work.
    3. Empathy/compassion but more for how it helps the giver.  Without compassion, I seem to be filled with fear.
    4. Passion/wholeheartedness/Desire
    5. Creativity/innovation/discovery/originality

    Not sure that they are in order.  Whatever your list, take the time to locate your top values and then look at both candidates for President and all the candidates running for office and ask yourself this question:

    Whose life best demonstrates my top values?  And whose life has best demonstrated these values over his/her lifetime?

    Your choices will not only be clear, but you will have owned your choices in a different way.  Neither Obama or Romney are perfect men or leaders.  Far from it, no human is perfect.  Now you won’t expect them to “do what you want or what you would do if you were in their shoes”. And when we focus on leadership in that way, we can’t help but focus on problems and end up feeling disappointed and even anxious.  Instead why not focus on how they are living the values that their lives have already demonstrated and that you value.  That question takes you out of critical right/wrong thinking.  It takes you out of Problem Focus and puts you in TED where TED stands for The Empowerment Dynamic.  AND that my friends makes all the difference in the quality of your life.

    By the way, this doesn’t mean you never recognize mistakes nor does it make you Pollyanna.  Leaders are human.  They aren’t always true to their values.  But it is easier to call someone to their greatness when they go afield of it, by singing the song that lives in their hearts (values) than it is by criticism.  By the way, this works really well with oneself!  😆

    So today truly celebrate what this great country makes possible…the right to vote based on our unique values.  To stand for what matters to you.  And remember, you can stand FOR something without having to be AGAINST anything or anyone!





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