The Connection between Art and Vitality

  • Art isn’t pretty.

    Art isn’t painting.

    Art isn’t something you hang on a wall.

    Art is what we do when we’re truly alive.

    But art is who we are and what we do and what we need.  Seth Godin

    Okay, so I have been in a funk.  By that I mean not really inspired to blog anything.  Yet, somehow still inspired by life.  This may sound trite but Michelle Obama’s bangs and her and the girls attire on inauguration day are now my wallpaper on facebook, they inspire me.  I don’t know why but I smile every time I see them.  Maybe because the colors are so beautiful and the lines of the clothes, elegant. But I may be making this up.  My strategic mind HATES the idea that it can’t explain everything. 😉  What I know for sure is the image of them makes me smile.   Something else that inspires me:  the comings and goings of the chickadees at my bird feeder.  AND right now, I am really jazzed by my I  brand new elegant red metal dining room table to launch valentine’s day week.  All of these makes me happy, grateful and young in spirit.  Yet, not inspired to blog.

    When I started this blog I understood that the muse comes and goes.  And accepted that, but I didn’t expect the fickle girl to disappear for almost 6 weeks!  AND I committed to not write because some voice in me said, I had better write something or…  In other words I wasn’t going to let my strategic mind take the my love of writing and connecting things and turn it into just another thing on my “to do” list.   This blog that bears my name would be filled from a place of possibility and abundance.  I would write  because I get to, not because I have to.

    Trusting this path was part of my emergence as an artist.  Yes, I did say artist.  Not because I think my writing is actually worthy of the word art.  But because I think how I am in the world is.  My definition of art and making art is similar to Seth Godin’s.  It puts me on an edge.  It asks me to begin and not know where I am going.  Hmmm, that sounds like motherhood, marriage, most jobs, most projects doesn’t it?  I think so.  Godin says we are all artists.  We must make a world we want to inhabit.  So ask yourself:

    What can I make in my world today, given all the things already scheduled and required of me, that would make me come alive in the making?  That would give me energy?

    And of course … go do that!


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Nancy C. Wonders is an interior designer. The “interiors” she designs are psychological, not physical, space -- a client’s personal interior landscape, or the emotional barometer of a team, or an entire organization. Nancy’s office includes a “design bar” where clients have a chance to re-invent how they see themselves and/or their organizations. These re-structurings result in discovering what is fresh, new and alive. This discovery prompts profound, immediate change, on both the inside and in interactions with others. Read more»

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