Strength AND vulnerability…

  • I feel like the oak tree on the north side of the caddy shack at the city golf course I walk each morning.

    Fragile…beautiful…broken and bare branched in places, yet graceful and lovely on the whole.

    My mind like the leaves rustled by any breeze, yet my core, my trunk and roots are sturdy and strong.

    Strength and vulnerability, my existance.

    Strength and vulnerability our world.

    Strength and vulnerability, my home.

    At last.

About Nancy


Nancy C. Wonders is an interior designer. The “interiors” she designs are psychological, not physical, space -- a client’s personal interior landscape, or the emotional barometer of a team, or an entire organization. Nancy’s office includes a “design bar” where clients have a chance to re-invent how they see themselves and/or their organizations. These re-structurings result in discovering what is fresh, new and alive. This discovery prompts profound, immediate change, on both the inside and in interactions with others. Read more»

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