Psyche (aka your unconscious): Holds all the trump!

  • More and more neuroscience is demonstrating the limits of the logical and the rational.  Thus proving C.G. Jung, (Jungian Psychology) to have been a prophet.  The power of the unconscious, the mysterious and unfathomable, within each and everyone of us is truly breathtaking.  AND it is efficient!  How does it get better than that?!

    I write about this because there are tools that one can use (many of which I have practiced for almost 2 decades) that help us actually hear the voice of our own psyche.  AND why that matters is because it turns out ..that it is not “Father who knows best” but Psyche.  (Yes, I am that old!)

    Our own sweet souls are what will make the best and happiest decisions on any and all matter of preference for each of us.  Whether it be the next car we buy, the person we live with or career path we take…or which pair of shoes to buy and where to go for dinner.    Psyche (soul) always speaks to us in the language of feelings, energy, moods and dreams.  She is always letting us know what will make us happy in the long run.

    So why aren’t we happier?  Because our Strategic Mind generally overrules her and so quickly we often don’t hear her at all.    She says, “I want light and space.”  Strategic mind jumps in with “We can’t move, we don’t have time and where will we find….blah, blah, blah.”  Conversation over…except it isn’t because Psyche will now start to disturb our peace with ennui or discontent or weird dreams.  AND she won’t stop.

    Our distrust of her is part and parcel of our inherent distrust of joy and happiness.  (See my post:  Trusting Joy).  Most of us trust suffering and struggle more than we do joy and happiness.  That is why we mostly change through the school of hardknocks.   What would happen is when Psyche whispered “I want light and space.” we would respond with curiosity with “Tell me more”?

    Maybe we allow Strategic Mind (SM) to register it’s concerns immediately…but in the spirit of a brainstorm, instead of control.

    SM:  “Look, the easy way would be to change our exisiting space if that is possible, but why is it you want light and space and are there other ways we could achieve that, because moving is a a big chunk of time and money?”

    And then the ideas surface.  The brainstorm is on.  Strategic mind doesn’t have to and should not just say “yes” to Psyche, it is meant to be a true conversation between the rational and irrational within us.  We can learn how to stay in the tension of the conflicting needs within our own minds, knowing that one day something greater than either “move or stay here and ignore the need for light and space” will emerge.  Einstein said, “you can’t solve a problem with the level of thinking that created it.”  I say, ask yourself where you are stuck.  AND put those two opposites together and ask “how can I have both X and Y?”  Then settle in and wait, trusting that an answer will come.  Stay open.  Wait for what is fresh, new and alive to arrive.



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Nancy C. Wonders is an interior designer. The “interiors” she designs are psychological, not physical, space -- a client’s personal interior landscape, or the emotional barometer of a team, or an entire organization. Nancy’s office includes a “design bar” where clients have a chance to re-invent how they see themselves and/or their organizations. These re-structurings result in discovering what is fresh, new and alive. This discovery prompts profound, immediate change, on both the inside and in interactions with others. Read more»

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