“These are the days of miracle and wonder…” Paul Simon

  • When I left my homestead of 25 years and moved 6 blocks south to my dream cottage home, a 1928 craftsman bungalow,I envisioned an ache in my heart that would never really leave.  I mean my babies grew up here.  They only home they ever knew.  And we had to say goodbye to it and those memories.  A lump in my throat accompanied me as I went through getting the home ready for sale and then packing up to move.  I NEVER envisioned, being back at said homestead on retreat while the men who own it now, vacation elsewhere.    I thought I would have to say goodbye forever.

    But today I sit next to a newly re-plastered perfect pool, in a new remodeled home that still structurally holds the best of my “old” homestead.  And I am amazed at how wrong I was about what I thought the future with my children’s and my home would hold for me/them.  AND more importantly I so created unnecessary suffering by getting out ahead into a future that …never happened!  Instead I got to leave a home that was too much for me and move into a new chapter in my life.  AND I got visiting privileges.  How great is that?!

    “These are indeed the days of miracle and wonder…”  The miracle of shifting your mind and the wonder of opening your heart abound.  Had I trusted the future and trusted myself to meet it, I could have saved myself some unnecessary pain and heartache.

    1. Where do you need to open your heart and trust yourself to meet the future?  
    2. Where are you out ahead of today with a story that diminishes you in large or small ways?
    3. Where can you make a miracle just by looking at something differently?



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