“What will you do, God…?”

  •  From the great poet Ranier Maria Rilke…

    “What will you do, God, when I die?

    I am your pitcher (when I shatter?)

    I am your drink (when I go bitter?)

    I, your garment; I, your craft.

    Without me what reason have you?…”

    It is true, for each of us.  We are a little piece of God.  A particular expression of the Infinite and if we pull back on that expression, when we judge that expression, we judge Divine, we doubt.  We think we know best, but the part of us that is doing that thinking is the protective system called the ego or strategic mind.  This part of us is on the defense.  But if,  instead of listening to it, we turn the other direction, we do and be what we love, we wholeheartedly move toward what we love, then we give God full reign.  AND we “feel” like God…big “G” not small.  Feeling like a small “g” god, is grandiosity and hubris.  It may feel good in the moment but it is what Jungians might call being caught in an “inflation”.

    BUT if instead we  know, we actually experience ourselves as a particular expression of the divine, then we want to kneel and kiss the ground.  We do not feel certain or powerful.  We feel awe.  We feel wonder.   We feel humility.  We feel like,“really, really? I get to be and do this?  Oh goodness,” or “‘Beam me up Scottie’.   When what you love, loves you back!”

    What if that is the secret?  The really big well kept secret? What if that is God?   What you love?  Don’t settle for god, it’s like trying to live on only cake, or only adrenalin.  It ends up leaving you empty, literally and figuratively.  The ultimate high that drops you to the ultimate low.  BUT there is another path, literally that puts allows you to move to another level.

    Einstein said, “you can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it”  so instead of HIGH and then LOW and then HIGH…etc. how about something that is not in between, or in the middle of those two, but rather of an entirely different order?   That order is akin to the wonder and joy we felt as children, or on Christmas morning, or when watching a doodle bug curl into itself, or the first time we realize we are riding our bike without training wheels.  That feeling the Infinite’s way of giving us a green light to keep going in that direction.  The direction of what we love.  What if it is really that simply?  And those doubting and critical thoughts?  Well, they never enlarge us.  They never call us to become someone we can truly admire.  Instead they call us to play it safe.  To stay separate and to protect and cling to what we have.  They call us to distrust not only others but ourselves and ultimately our destinies.

    If like Rilke, above I truly trust the little piece of stardust that is me…well, then paradoxically I quit judging myself and focusing on myself and whether or not I am good enough. What I do instead, is simply go out and express my little piece of heaven.  Just like the old song said…”this little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…”




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