About Nancy

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    Nancy C. Wonders has duel backgrounds in business and psychology, with an undergraduate degree in accounting and experience at Arthur Andersen and other leading firms, followed by completion of a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  In 1999 she founded Courageous Change Consultancy (DBA The Wonders Consultancy, LLC) in Dallas, Texas, a firm that specializes in transformational change coaching and consulting, creative and design thinking solutions to complex issues  and 21st century leadership development with an emphasis on real and innovative conversations. Read more “About the Work”.

    Nancy delivers “fresh, new and alive” experiences and perspectives to her clients. Fresh, new and alive experiences/perspectives are what lead to bold innovation and positive focused energy.  They are “sticky” which means they have staying power and that they attract customers.  More importantly they attract the “right” customers and the right staff to you and your organization.   Fresh, new and alive experiences and perspectives are the antidote to stress and burnout.  They attract all manner of resources to you, people, money, original ideas and positive energy.

    Nancy teaches her clients to meet setback and disappointment with a positive attitude and curiosity.  She believes that most “bad” things are actually an opportunity for something even greater to emerge.  She teaches how to meet fear and anxiety with courage and creativity.  We are called to greatness not because it is easy but because it is worth the journey and the learning. In a phrase, Nancy’s clients move from negative to centered, expansive, innovative and positive energy.


    Nancy is an interior designer.  However, “interiors” she works with you to design are psychological, not physical, space –she can help you and/or your team, personally or professionally achieve a transformation from stress and anxiety to bold and wholehearted engagement in your business or personal vision.  Her office includes a “design bar” where clients have a chance to re-invent how they see themselves and/or their organizations.  These re-structurings result in discovering what is fresh, new and alive. This discovery prompts profound, immediate change, on both the inside and in interactions with others.

    Nancy’s great joy and talents align with transformational discovery work. Her technique is perfect for our stressful 21st century world. You will leave the work with more focused energy, bold ideas, and the courage, to implement them.