Case Studies

  • Under Nancy’s tutelage, clients routinely improve the bottom-line health of their businesses, the quality of their personal and professional relationships and their level of energy and engagement in all aspects of their lives. They gain a heightened sense of mission, purpose and accountability.  The “learning lab” experiences are serious and engaging play for adults.  They are soulful encounters with the larger meaning and purpose of our work/our lives.  They provide action learning, the most powerful form of learning.  Clients report that they are critical in helping them address their real challenges in innovative and exciting ways.  Obstacles become opportunities.  Enemies become constructive challengers and calls to greatness.  In short, the work helps Nancy’s clients come alive and move closer to their destinies.

    Selected examples of Nancy’s work in action include:

    • Facilitated The Hockaday School through a high-stakes top leadership change. The school community needed a smooth transition of its headmistress. Nancy helped stakeholders focus on their hopes and dreams for a shared future instead of differences and fears. The process substantially reduced the anxiety and resistance that was threatening to slow, if not kill, the substantial opportunity represented by a change of leadership.  The leadership transition was a strong and smooth one.
    • Designed a “real” conversation process for The Greater Dallas Community Relations Commission.  This process allowed representatives of several of Dallas’ racial communities to fully hear each other and to creatively as well as candidly discuss their problems. As a result, over 85% of the participants evaluated the experience as successful and the agency adopted it as their standard dialogue process.
    • Designed Leadership Learning labs for high-level executives at D Magazine. Within four months these managers had improved by almost 40% in terms of the coaching goals. The executives became more visionary, innovative and objective in their thinking. They showed great improvement on the 360-degree feedback surveys, particularly in their commitment to their teams and their enhanced “real” conversation capacities.